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Although taking their name from the Massachusetts island of Nantucket, the membership of this North Carolina based Rock group had hardly ever ventured past the Mason-Dixon line. NANTUCKET was formed in 1969 in Jacksonville, North Carolina as a school band by the quartet of Larry and Mike Uzzell, Mark Downing and Tommy Redd. The early group went under the name of STACKS OF GOLD - playing mostly R&B covers - until adopting the title of the MOUNTAIN track 'Nantucket Sleighride' in 1971, shortening it to NANTUCKET soon afterwards.

Adding Kenny Soule and Eddie Blair, the group toured throughout the Southeastern states frequently and soon began adding their own material to the set, sharing bills with YES, DR. HOOK, STORIES, KISS and WILD CHERRY amongst others. In 1978 NANTUCKET finally gained a record deal, Epic Records snapping the group up for a self-titled affair the same year. A sophomore effort, 'Your Face Or Mine', followed in 1979.

For 1980's Tom Allom produced 'Long Way To The Top', opened by a cover of AC/DC's 'It's A Long Way To The Top', Mike Uzzell had quit the group. Larry Uzzell took on the role of frontman with Pee Wee Watson joining on bass.

The group split with Epic and re-emerged in 1983 with the RCA issued 'No Direction Home'. This Mike Flicker produced new release included the BRYAN ADAMS / Jim Vallance penned 'Hiding From Love' and debuted the band's new rhythm section of David 'Thumbs' Johnson on bass guitar and Richard Gates on the drums.

Mike Uzell took over the management of the group following NANTUCKET's split with RCA and promptly established the Executive label in 1985, releasing both NANTUCKET's fifth album, V', and MAXX WARRIOR's 'High On Metal' EP. By this time NANTUCKET now had a brand new guitarist to partner Tommy Redd in the form of Alan Thornton.

In 1993 the classic line-up of Tommy Redd, Kenny Soule, Mark Downing, Eddie Blair, Larry Uzzell and Mike Uzzell reformed to cut the 'Still Live After All These Years' live album on November 29, 1991, although it wasn't actually released until two years later. The NANTUCKET credited drummer Jason Patterson joined CRY OF LOVE then enrolled into the ranks of CIRKUS in 2003.

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