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The RUSSELL ALLEN / JORN LANDE project of 2005, billed as 'The Battle', pitched two of the most extraordinary Hard Rock vocal talents together. JORN LANDE had made a striking impression on the global Metal scene with a collection of solo albums and most prominently fronting MASTERPLAN. The in demand singer had also vocalised for VAGABOND, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ARK, MUNDANUS IMPERIUM, MILLENIUM and THE SNAKES. RUSSELL ALLEN, frontman of leading US Progressive Metal act SYMPHONY X, had issued a solo effort, 'Atomic Soul'.

The elaborate artwork for 'The Battle' was executed by the esteemed Christian fantasy artist Rodney Matthews. Guitar work came courtesy of LAST TRIBE's Magnus Karlsson. Japanese versions on the Avalon Marquee label added an extra track with an acoustic rendition of 'Reach A Little Longer'.

Working with vocalist / keyboard player Mike Andersson of CLOUDSCAPE, Magnus Karlsson initiated an all star project dubbed PLANET ALLIANCE for a 2006 album. Recordings for a second RUSSELL ALLEN / JORN LANDE album, billed 'The Revenge', commenced in August with Dennis Ward of PINK CREAM 69 acting as producer. Magnus Karlsson again donated his songwriting skills and guitar contributions and, continuing a successful theme, Rodney Matthews was commissioned once again for the artwork. Frontiers Records put the album out in May 2007, backed by a major international promotional campaign.

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