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Swansea, Massachusetts Heavy Metal band. The first 100 pressings of the 1990 BRIAR ROSE album 'Dark Tales Of Optimism' included a send up of METALLICA's 'One' re-branded as 'Finster MacEvil'. The BRIAR ROSE line-up at this juncture comprised vocalist Randy Blake II, guitarists Marcus Lorde and Michael Tylla, bassist Josh Simonoin with Kevin DeMello on drums.

1992's 'Win If You Can, Lose If You Must But Always Cheat', produced by Joe Moody, featured a cover version of THIN LIZZY's 'Killer On The Loose'. Joining Blake and Lorde for this outing would be second guitarist Rodney Baker, bassist Phil Richardson and drummer Ken Sirois. The 2000 live album 'Detention' was recorded during 1990 in Westport, Massachusetts at a band benefit for their late rhythm guitarist Jay Travers.

In 2006 it was revealed Randy Blake III was to resurrect the BRIAR ROSE name for a new album dubbed 'Roses Are Rare, Violence Is True'. Featured musicians included NEW ENGLAND and ALCATRAZZ keyboard player Jimmy Waldo and Joyce Sampson from THE FIGHTING COCKS.

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