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Categories: Christian Metal, Thrash Metal


Alabama, Christian Thrash Metal band TEMPLE OF BLOOD commenced recording of a debut album 'Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind' during 2004. The group had been conceived during formed in late 2001 by vocalist / lead guitarist Jim Mullis, being backed by the FLESHTIZED, SPINECAST, QUINTA ESSENTIA, BLOODSTAINED DUSK and APOCRYPH credited bassist Garth Lovvorn and drummer Lance Wright of SPINECAST, SACRAFIX, DAEMONICIDE, QUINTA ESSENTIA and DROP repute. These three had previously been involved with side project LISIYA GORI in union with frontman Daggeth of Black Metal band BLOODSTAINED DUSK.

The trio began cutting their teeth on the live circuit in mid-2002, mixing a set comprising covers by the likes of CANDLEMASS, IRON MAIDEN, MERCYFUL FATE, ANNIHILATOR, DEATH and TESTAMENT. A subsequent recruit on second guitar would be formed BLACK ROBED INFIDEL man Matt Barnes.

TEMPLE OF BLOOD recorded a cover version of the DEADLY BLESSING underground classic 'Deliver Us From Evil' in October of 2004. This version featured vocals provided by DEADLY BLESSING and THY BLESSING's own vocalist Ski. That same year, Lovvorn, formed part of the re-united FLESHTIZED line up.

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