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Oi Punk band. THE VANDALS drummer has often been out on loan to major acts including INFECTIOUS GROOVES, DEVO, NINE INCH NAILS and even PEARL JAM in late 1994. An Australian tour in 1998 proved to be harder work than Freese had bargained for as he had to deputise for support act 311's Chad Sexton after he injured himself. Freese therefore had to play two sets a night.

2000's 'Oi To The World' features a collection of Bawdy Christmas songs with guests such as NOFX and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES members and THE DAMNED's Rat Scabies.

Freese joined GUNS N' ROSES and appeared on the platinum A PERFECT CIRCLE album in 2000. JOSH FREESE issued a solo album in 2000 which included contributions from Fitzgerald and PEARL JAM's Stone Gossard.

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