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An uninhibited Northern California Christian Hardcore rooted Metal band centred upon the Clark brothers Don, formerly with OFFSET, and Ryan. Confusingly Ryan Clark adopted the stage name Maven leading many to believe Maven and Ryan were two different people. TRAINING FOR UTOPIA initially weighed in with chaotic and discordant noise-fests. By 2000's 'Throwing A Wrench Into The American Music Machine' had streamlined their sound with obtuse lyrical matter, eerie minimalist riffing and effects laden pulsing electronica drawing appreciation from the Sludgecore crowd. Oddly the Christian music sector turned its back on the album effectively stifling distribution.

In 2001 it appeared that TRAINING FOR UTOPIA were no more, the Clark siblings having relocated to Seattle. They created side venture THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR in alliance with the COALESCE duo of vocalist Sean Ingram and drummer James Dewees alongside ZAO's Jesse Smith also on drums.

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