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Weymouth, Massachusetts Metalcore band BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL was founded during 1998 by Brendan Roche and Justin Chappell. Debut product would be a 1999 demo entitled 'Genocide Empire', recorded as a trio with Justin Chappell on lead vocals and bass, Rob Devlin on guitar and Brendan Roche on drums. By the time of the follow up 2000 'The White Demo' Chappell had switched to guitar, THE RED CHORD's Adam Wentworth was installed on bass and Lawrence Kwong was onboard as frontman. Voice of Life delivered a 2001 EP entitled ' A Homicide Divine'. Band line-up at this juncture comprised singer Lawrence Kwong, guitarists Justin Chappell and Adam Wentworth, bassist Rob Devlin with Brendan Roche on drums. European and US touring then ensued. In 2002 the band laid down a demo, 'Knives & Guns'.

Lifeforce Records then issued full-length album 'Earth And Sphere' in 2002. For these sessions BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL pulled in Matt Woods on bass, from AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, and Mike McKenzie, of THE RED CHORD, on vocals. In September 2003 the group partnered with THE RED CHORD for a series of UK dates. However, the band then folded.

BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL was to surface once again as a studio project of Mike McKenzie, Brendan Roche and bassist Greg Weeks of THE RED CHORD, signing to Metal Blade Records for the April 2007 album 'Resurrection Of Everything Tough'.

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